A decorrere dal 27 aprile 2012 stato costituito il Dipartimento di Scienze Sociali e Politiche nel quale sono confluiti il Dipartimento di Studi Sociali e Politici e il Dipartimento di Studi del Lavoro e del Welfare.

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1. 1. The following have the right to a password for entry to the Computing Laboratory : - final year undergraduates who are working on theses in disciplines related to the Department – Those undertaking a Masters which requires the following of courses related to the Department – Contributors to the work of a teaching member of the Department – students with requirements connected to didactic activity

2. 2. For passport accreditation a person must present the Head of Laboratory the appropriate module signed by a Department teacher and a copy of the current regulations signed as an acceptance by the user. The receipt of a password carries with it the need to respect, above and beyond the normal limits in force on software materials, the current regulations and their possible amendment in the future. All information and any clarification a propos the rules which govern the correct use of resources can be obtained from tutor, or laboratory staff.

3. Users must respect the times exhibited for access to the Laboratory. Each individual is totally responsible for his own password, which is strictly individual and not transferable.

4. Use of resources must remain exclusively relevant for the purpose of study and research, must not invoke damage to fellow-users either direct or indirect, and not endanger the security of our or any other computer system. The Laboratory management put into effect regular checks to ensure that the technological resources are being used appropriately.

5. Each user is expected to behave in a correct manner in any interaction with staff, colleagues and with this place of work. He is also expected to indicate to Laboratory staff any possible damage and/or anomalies in the operation of the apparatus. In the case of malfunction it is forbidden for an individual to attempt to intervene or to move the apparatus from its original post.

6. Use of printers is regulated and constantly monitored. The use of Laser printer is permitted for one copy of the final version of a thesis, and for work or research of a didactic nature.

7. 7. Any violation of the current rules or of the accepted forms of civil behaviour will result in an official report to the Technology Board of the Department, who have the power to suspend use of the password for a period depending on the gravity of the offence. It remains naturally however the personal responsibility both civil and criminal of the user to consider his behaviour appropriate.

I declare that I totally accept the terms of the current regulations

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