A decorrere dal 27 aprile 2012 stato costituito il Dipartimento di Scienze Sociali e Politiche nel quale sono confluiti il Dipartimento di Studi Sociali e Politici e il Dipartimento di Studi del Lavoro e del Welfare.

Il sito del nuovo consultabile all'indirizzo http://www.sps.unimi.it


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The Documentation Centre is a permanent operation unit of the Department of Social and Political Studies, established with the objectives contained within articles 1 and 10 of the general regulations, and takes the form of a specialised information service, non-autonomous however from a financial point of view. The Department therefore funds the working costs of equipping the body in an appropriate manner. The Centre links as a matter of course with the activities of the central library of the Political Sciences.

2.Direction and Management

The direction, the planning and the coordination of the Centre’s sphere of work is entrusted to an appropriate scientific committee whose members are appointed from the Department Council, presided over by a member of the university teaching staff, who also takes on the function of Scientific Responsibilities by appointment to the Director. The committee sits for a period of three years. Day-to-day administrative/technical management of the body is entrusted to the librarian, being part of the non-teaching staff within the library itself. Furthermore the librarian is involved in committee meetings with a consultancy and secretarial role.

3.Access and utilisation of the unit

Access to the collected material, to all the reference and advisory facilities as well as to loan facilities is the right of all teaching and non-teaching staff within the Department, postgraduate research students and those under contract. The University students and external users are not allowed to borrow materials without the permission of a teaching member of the Department, but they can consult books and documents, after providing proof of their identity, in a reading area suitably equipped during the opening hours of the Centre and they can also take advantage of the reference service by appointment. No-one however can borrow from the following categories: general reference works (dictionaries, encyclopedias, catalogues) – audiovisual material and CD-Roms, and particularly valuable works.

Users can make paper or digital reproductions of the material collected by the Centre for academic or personal research purposes (not for profit) in accordance with actual legislation covering the copyright act. The copying of video material, audio material and controlled non-conventional literature is not permitted.

It must be accepted that anyone found damaging the contents of the Centre (spoiling, losing or failing to return materials within the allocated time) are liable to replace the same materials or reimburse by providing the equivalent actual value in monies.

Scientific committee Members:
Marco Maraffi, scientific director
Marco Giuliani, teaching staff representative
Monica Santoro, teaching staff representative on the Faculty Library Board
Paolo Ornaghi, librarian

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