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WELFARE STATE: documents, data, sources

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Matteo Jessoula

Department of Social and Political Sciences
University of Milan
Via Passione 13, 2nd Floor, Room 203
20122  Milano
Phone: 02

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Born in Milan 12 October 1974, graduated from the University of Pavia (1999), he received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the same university in 2004.

Associate Professor at the University of Milan, Department of Social and Political Studies.
His main research fields are: comparative welfare states, pension policy, labour policy, social assistance policies, European social governance, Institutional change, Empirical Political Theory


- Director of the Welfare Laboratory (We.L.) at Centro Einaudi, Turin
- Coordinator of the Comparative Politics and Public Philosophy LAB (Laboratorio di Politica Comparata e Filosofia Pubblica – LPF), at Centro Einaudi, Turin
- Member of the European etwork of independent experts, ESPN-European social policy network, coordinated by CEPS/INSTEAD and APPLICA, financed by the European Commission - DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

- Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Politiche Sociali/Social Policies

- Member of the Steering Board of the journal Biblioteca della Libertà.

- Member of the Editorial Board of the Series: Fondamenti, Ediesse

- Member of the Council for European Studies (CES).

- Member of SASE-The Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics.



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The volume

Alle radici del welfare all'italiana. Origini e futuro di un modello sociale squilibrato

by Maurizio Ferrera, Valeria Fargion e Matteo Jessoula

Alle radici del welfare all'italiana

The volume

Labour Market Flexibility and Pension Reforms. Flexible Today, Secure Tomorrow?
edited by K. Hinrichs and M. Jessoula, Palgrave.

You may download the Introductory chapter here:

- La politica pensionistica, Bologna, Il Mulino

- The Politics of Flexicurity in Europe: Labour Market Reforms in Hostile Climes and Tough Times (edited by D. Clegg and P. Graziano), Basingstoke, Palgrave McMillan (forthcoming 2015).


Chapters in edited volumes

In English:

- Killing, domesticating or feeding the snake. The implementation of the Europe 2020 anti-poverty component at the national level, in B. Hvinden and R. Halvorsen (eds), Combating Poverty in Europe: Active Inclusion in a Multi-Level and Multi-Actor Context, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar (forthcoming 2015).

- Social Security: Health and Pensions (with M. Ferrera) in M. Gilbert, E. Jones and G. Pasquino (eds),  Italian Politics, Oxford, Oxford University Press (forthcoming 2015).

- A risky combination in Italy: ʻselective flexibilityʼ and defined-contributions pensions, in K. Hinrichs and M. Jessoula (eds) (2012), Labour market flexibility and pension reforms. Flexible today, secure tomorrow?, Basingstoke, Palgrave.

- Labour market flexibility and pension reforms. What prospects for security in old age? (with K. Hinrichs), in K. Hinrichs and M. Jessoula (eds) (2012), Labour market flexibility and pension reforms. Flexible today, secure tomorrow?, Basingstoke, Palgrave.

- Flexible today, secure tomorrow? (with K. Hinrichs), in K. Hinrichs and M. Jessoula (eds) (2012), Labour market flexibility and pension reforms. Flexible today, secure tomorrow?, Basingstoke, Palgrave.

- Italy: from Bismarckian pensions to multi-pillarization under adverse conditions, in B. Ebbinghaus (eds) (2011), The Varieties of Pension Governance: Pension Privatization in Europe, Oxford, Oxford University Press.

- Italy: limited adaptation of an atypical system (with P. Vesan), in J. Clasen and D. Clegg (eds) (2011), Regulating the risk of unemployment. National adaptations to post-industrial labour markets in Europe, Oxford, Oxford University Press.

- “Eppur si muove(va)…”. The Italian Trajectory of Recent Welfare Reforms: from ‘Rescued by Europe’ to Euro-Skepticism (with P. Graziano), in P. Graziano, S. Jacquot, e B. Palier (eds) (2011), The EU and the Domestic Politics of Welfare State Reforms. Europa, Europae, Basingstoke, Palgrave.

- Italy: an uncompleted departure from Bismarck (with T. Alti), in B. Palier (eds) (2010), A long Good Bye to Bismarck, The Politics of Welfare Reforms in Continental Europe, Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press.

- Recalibrating the Italian welfare state: a politics too weak for a "necessary" policy?, in M. Giuliani and E. Jones (eds) (2010), Italian Politics 2009, Oxford, Berghahn Books.

- Italy: a narrow gate for path-shift (with M. Ferrera), in E. Immergut, K. Anderson and I. Schulze (eds) (2007), Handbook of West European Pension Politics, Oxford, Oxford University Press.

- Reconfiguring Italian pensions: from policy stalemate to comprehensive reforms (with M. Ferrera), in G. Bonoli and T. Shinkawa (eds) (2005), Ageing and pension reforms around the world, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar.


In italian

- La politica pensionistica (EN: Pension policy), in M. Ferrera (eds) (2012), Le politiche sociali, Bologna, Il Mulino.

- Ricalibrare il welfare state italiano: una politics troppo debole per una strategia di policy “necessaria”? (EN: Recalibrating the Italian welfare state: a politics too weak for a "necessary" policy?), in M. Giuliani and E. Jones (eds) (2010), Politica in Italia. I fatti dell’anno e le interpretazioni, Edizione 2010, Bologna, Il Mulino.

- Previdenza e assistenza in Italia (EN: Social insurance and social assistance in Italy), in L. Cavalli-Sforza (eds) (2009), Storia della cultura italiana, vol. V, Torino, UTET.

- Le politiche pensionistiche (EN: Pension policy),  (with M. Ferrera), in M. Ferrera (2006), Le politiche sociali: l’Italia in prospettiva comparata, Bologna, Il Mulino.

 In Japanese

- Italy: from policy stalemate to comprehensive reforms (with M. Ferrera), in T. Shinkawa and G. Bonoli (eds) (2004), Comparative Politics of Pension Reform, Kyoto, Minerva Shobo.


In Korean

- Pension System (with F. Stamati), in I. Hong (eds.) (2012), A Study on Overseas Social Security Systems – the Case of Italy, Seoul, KIHASA Research Institute, pp. 137-167.



Articles in journals

In English:

- Understanding convergence and divergence: old and new cleavages in the politics of minimum income schemes in Italy and Poland (with  J. Kubisa, I. Madama e M. Zielenska), in “Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy”, 128–146 (2014).

- Minimum income: the Italian Trajectory. One, no one and one hundred thousand minimum income schemes, (with I. Madama and M. Natili), in “Working Paper-LPF”, (ISSN 2036-1246), 1/2014.

- Europe 2020 and the Fight against Poverty: Searching for Coherence and Effectiveness in Multilevel Policy Arenas (with C. Agostini and S. Sabato), in “Working Paper-LPF”, (ISSN 2036-1246), 3/2013.

- Like in a Skinner box : external constraints and the reform of retirement eligibility rules in Italy, in “Working Paper-LPF”, (ISSN 2036-1246), 4/2012.

- “Selective flexicurity" in segmented labor markets: the case of Italian mid-siders, (with P. Graziano and I. Madama), in “Journal of Social Policy”, 39, 4, 561-583 (2010).

- After a decade of reforms: a new architecture for Italian pensions, in “Quaderni di Ricerca POLEIS”, n° 32, 1/2006.


In French:

- Sauvé par l'Europe, piégé par l'Europe » Les réformes de l'État-providence italien (1992-2012) (with P. Graziano), in “Politique européenne”, 2/2013.


In Italian:

- Europa 2020 e lotta alla povertà: obiettivi «hard», processi «soft», governance in fieri (EN: Europe 2020 and the fight against poverty: “hard” targets, “soft” processes, governance in the making), (with C. Agostini and S. Sabato) in “Politiche Sociali/Social Policies”, 1/2014.

- L’equilibrio imperfetto. Le pensioni italiane tra sostenibilità, adeguatezza, equità, in “Italianieuropei”, 3/2014.

- Istituzioni, gruppi, interessi. La “nuova politica pensionistica” in Italia (EN: Institutions, groups, interests. The “new politics of pensions” in Italy), in “Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche”/“Italian Journal of Public Policies”, Special Issue, 2/2011.

- Il MAC le politiche pensionistiche: Italia, Europa? (EN: Pension policy and the OMC: Italy, Europe?) (with G. Busilacchi and M. Raitano), in “Rivista Italiana delle Politiche Sociali”/ “Italian Journal of Social Policies”, 4/2009.

- Flessibilità e sicurezza, per chi? Sviluppi di policy e conseguenze nel mercato del lavoro italiano (EN: Flexibility and security for whom? Policy developments and outcomes in the Italian labor market)  (with I. Madama and P. Graziano), in “Stato e Mercato”, 3/2009.

- Previdenza complementare e piccole imprese: un matrimonio difficile (EN: Supplementary pensions and small enterprises: a difficult marriage), in "Dossier ADAPT", n. 10.2009. Also published in Guida al lavoro del Sole 24 Ore nn. 32-33,  7 August 2009.

- Previdenza complementare, Tfr e “silenzio-assenso” (EN: Supplementary pensions, Tfr and the “silent-consent” mechanism), in “Il Mulino”, 5/2008.

- La riforma delle pensioni negli Stati Uniti (EN: Pension reform in the United States), in “Il Mulino”, 5/2005.

- La riconfigurazione del sistema pensionistico italiano: vischiosità istituzionale, opportunity gates e processi di apprendimento (EN: The reconfiguration of the Italian pension system: institutional resiliency, opportunity gates and learning processes), in “Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche”, 2/2004.


Ongoing research

2014-     Director of the Research Unit at the Department of Social and Political Sciences within the project: Sustainable European welfare societies: Assessing linkages between social and environmental policy. Directed by Bjorn Hvinden (NOVA – Norwegian Social Research, Oslo), funded by the Norwegian Research Council, 2014-2017.

2012-     Co-diector (with M. Ferrera) of the Research Unit at the Department of Social and Political Sciences in the project: COPE-Combating Poverty in Europe: Re-organising Active Inclusion through Participatory and Integrated Modes of Multilevel Governance. Directed by M. Heidenreich (University of Oldenburg), funded by the European Commission, 7th EU-Framework Programme, 2012-2015.

2011-     The new pension mix in Europe, directed by D. Natali (OSE) and M. Jepsen (ETUI), project funded by OSE/ETUI, 2011-2015.



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